Red Road – What UK Did For Cinema

We have spent a lot of time talking about Red Road and if you haven’t seen it yet, well there are plenty of services and sites like satellite tv Greenville that can help you track it down. Numerous posts have already outlined and illustrated why the film is good so, today, we’re going to talk about this decidedly European film and how the style compares to western endeavors.

One thing that many US filmgoers note when it comes to the UK film experience is the “slowness” of the pace and plot. UK films tend to focus more on deeper and more intricate tales – films that focus on the characters and their motivations. As such, great pains are taken to really engage the viewer in a very real way in an effort to draw them into the world.

This contrasts greatly to the US film experience where you usually start with an explosion or a pitched action scene. This isn’t to say that UK films suffer from a lack of action, just that they build and create action in different ways. UK films will play up inherent tension and conflict in dialogue and character interactions making for a more sophisticated kind of conflict.

Keep this in mind the next time you watch Red Road and see for yourself.

The Secret Life Of A Security Operator

How do you imagine security officers? When you picture a person sitting in a room full of screens, watching the feed from many different cameras at once, what do you see that person doing? Eating lots of donuts? Creepily checking out young girls? Taking a nap and dozing off?

In her 2006 film Red Road, Andrea Arnold gives us quite a different picture of a security operator. Jackie Morrison is a dedicated protector of the public good–or at least she sees herself as such. She watches over the people and places under her care but she rarely personally connects with them. Read more »

The Filming Of Red Road And Dogme 95

Red Road adopts the tenets of Dogme 95 without examining or furthering them. At the end of the day, the promise of Dogme 95 seems to have petered out into empty technological advances. Nothing of the promised realism of storytelling or fidelity to honest events has survived. Instead, Dogme 95 is known today mostly for its camera and lighting tropes. Von Trier and company may have pioneered a new style of cinematography but they did not establish a new type of cinema.

Red Road is Read more »

Advance Party And Red Road: First Of Three

With a captivating storyline and themes reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Andrea Arnold ‘s film Red Road is a strong first installment in the Advance Party trilogy. Born from the imaginations of film companies Sigma Films and Zentropa, Advance Party challenges three different first-time directors to each produce a movie using the same cast of characters, invented by executive producers Anders Thomas Jensen, Gilian Berrie, and Lone Scherfig.

Red Road follows the story of Jackie, a CCTV operator disconnected from the real world and a bit obsessed with watching Read more »

Is Andrea Arnold A Social Realist In Red Road?

Andrea Arnold uses the clothing of social realism in the same way that comic book artists use realistic anatomy to flesh out power fantasies. Her film Red Road is a naked apologia for the abuses of surveillance culture, in which a private security guard abuses her access to the omnipresent cameras of the United Kingdom to find people that she dislikes and then destroys them. The plot is draped with the appearance of social realism in an attempt to create sympathy for the protagonist Read more »

How Many Dogme 95 Rules Did Arnold Break?

A lot of film buffs are asking, how many Dogme 95 rules did Arnold break in making “Red Road”? Dogme 95 is a set of ten minimalist rules for films that place the emphasis on a naturalist, low budget style of filmmaking. Andrea Arnold, the director, commented that she would use those rules that benefited the film and ignore those points that were too limiting. Watching the film, I noticed two major points that diverged from the Dogme 95 rules.

The thing that jumped out most was Read more »

Red Road And Its Many Awards

Red Road, the 2006 film that was made in Britain, has become a surprisingly popular film. The first of a trilogy, Red Road set the precedence for how the rest of the trilogy would be filmed, and it is a truly fascinating film. The movie is about a security camera operator who watches a man from her past with the help of her monitors, and crazy things start to happen. Not only does she monitor him on her cameras, but she also follows him around in real life. Her obsession quickly becomes even crazier, and the movie keeps you on Read more »

Who Is Jackie Morrison In Red Road?

Red Road, the 2006 UK film directed by Andrea Arnold, tells the story of Jackie Morrison, rather compassionate “Big Sister, who works as a CCTV operator for Glasgow City Council. Played by Kate Dickie, Jackie guards one section of the world, carefully protecting the people she watches over. While she watches sections of Glasgow, keeping a careful eye out on the crime infesting housing developments under her care, she herself is not really a participant in this Read more »